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About Photography For a Greater Good

Photography for a Greater Good began in fall of 2013.  After hearing a sermon about how our gifts and talents are not meant to be hoarded for personal gain, but shared to bless others, I put together a photo adoption fundraiser for a friend.  Capturing the love between families was lots of fun, but handing a fellow Mama a check towards bringing her son home was the icing on the cake.  I had found the sweet spot of using my passion for photographing people and pairing it with deliberate generosity.  I was hooked.


About Aleen

Life for me is all about loving God and loving people.  My life's passions are my college sweetheart Josiah (who I am still crazy about) and our three quirky, wonderful masterpieces, Caleb, Samuel and Abigail.  We share a house in the woods with two dogs, Popeye and Star, and a kitten named Finn.  I love photos, good stories, music, cooking, writing, people-watching, games, family and yard sales.